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You are very special to me and I want you to have lots of love in your life.

So what is a soul mate and how do we identify them?

The good news for the rest of you guys is that if you were interested in purchasing this audio but haven't yet you still have time! So once again apologies to everyone still waiting, hold tight, it's on it's way and it will be even more wonderful than originally planned, because I believe that's why we sometimes have to wait for things a bit longer same goes for you and your soulmate!

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There are certain extra elements that must come together first before the final reveal, wouldn't you agree?! That's a nice positive spin to focus on. And for those of you wanting to take advantage of this situation, don't hesitate, go on and reserve your copy now!

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So make sure to be proactive and act now. Go for it! Dear lovely single person,. Can you relate to any of this?

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Hey, there's nothing wrong to being single if that's what you genuinely want but my guess is you're here because you want to be in a loving relationship If you answered YES to any of the above you are in the right place as the universe has brought you to this page to receive a divine gift. Benefits that you can experience from listening to my Attract Your Soulmate album;.

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You will be able to remove certain blocks that are currently hindering your soulmate from entering your life so that he or she can finally enter and rock your world! You will be able to start enjoying a delicious, loving, genuine and committed relationship. You will never have to feel lonely ever again.

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You will finally feel loved and accepted for who you really are, inside and out. You will be able to enjoy fun times, good times with your Mr or Mrs Right and create wonderful memories together.

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  4. What you will receive; There are three sections to my Attract Your Soulmate album;. You can remain in or change any relationship.

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    If you feel your partner is not your soul mate, you can choose to work on making the best out of your relationship for you and your kids, or you can choose to go in search of a soul mate. Individuals who are soul mates who forget the core vibrations that initially sparked their relationship may go on a journey, leaving behind their security for something not meant to last, and end up emptier than when they left a secure partnership.

    Relationships started in true love do have the capacity of generating soul mate vibrations, but not all relationships already have that.

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    Determine what you need. Gift yourself this holiday with a profound treasure of self-knowledge. Discover — or re-discover — the treasure of a soul mate this Christmas for a new year ahead of the curve. Sheila Baker Shedd is a mom, wife, daughter, friend, professional, island girl and everywoman. You might be worried about a deadline or being safe in the future, and so you hold back the love. You too!

    Or would you do everything in your power to make sure your soulmate felt comforted, supported and loved? As Christmas and the Holidays are upon us, and we share tidings of comfort and joy, let us remember that the expression of joy and love start from within ourselves. If we treat ourselves as our soulmates, we have no reason to withhold love from our life.

    In fact, we have every reason to stoke the love-fire of our soul and give blessing for the fact that we really are whole, perfect and complete.