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For now he is fatigued and weak, down on weight and found wanting on Nutrition. However, he seems to be a little better than what he was a few months ago…but you never know. I have stopped having any kind of expectations and am taking things as they come by. However, we have and are giving him the best possible medication and support at home. This is what satisfies us. I am hoping and am very positive that he will be alright…but as i said, expectiations are the last things i do.

I wish my fate will be like u. They just started me with Tarceva as my first line of treatment a week ago. I hope I get a good response like you and be one of those 2 percent that will be cancer free. My ex husband is now 69 as of October He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis to the brain which is where they found it and how he was diagnosed. Miracles do happen because that was the end of February He had brain surgery as soon as he was diagnosed.

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He had radiation on frontal lobe and small area on lung. Fortunately, the cancer has not spread and he has been on maintenance chemo Alimta for past two years. He is having trouble in the back spine-neck area and we are praying that is not anything cancerous. Thanks to all those stories of strength and survival.

They have the power to support those who are now engaged in their battles as well as confirm successes, however they are measured. I am In late I started having pain in my back, shoulder and arm.

I went to the doctor believing that it was either pneumonia or cancer. I was a pack-a-day smoker and had been for decades. Nothing turned up. I tried Physical Therapy, massages and kept increasing the powerful pain meds. That doctor said — that is nerve pain.

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He sent me for another MRI that afternoon. Two days later I met with a doctor who read the scan. He told me that I had a large tumor at the top of my right lung — called an apical tumor or Pancoast tumor. The tumor was so high up that it was missed on most scans. It had grown into the cluster of nerves called the Brachial Plexus, causing excruciating pain.

Within a week I had begun simultaneous chemo and radiation — for 5 weeks. The pain was being managed by the Palliative Care folks at the hospital. They did a great job. The tumor which had begun as the size of a large apple was shrunken to the size of a large prune. I spent the next month gaining strength in order to qualify for surgery — had to pass pulmonary and cardiac tests to prove that I could survive the surgery.


Surgery began with a mediastinoscopy — moving down the the chest to the lung, sampling and removing lymph nodes along the way and sending them to the lab to be tested. All tests done while I was still in surgery on lymph nodes proved negative. Fabulous news!

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The surgeon then carried on and spent the next hours removing the tumor from my lung. Spent the summer of recuperating and recovering from the surgery. Had a final two rounds of chemo in the fall of My follow-up appointments included scans, blood test and an examination and happened every 3 months for the first 2 years then every 6 months for the next 3 years. Now, as a five-year survivor, I have appointments scans, blood work, exam once a year.

My family and friends supported me throughout that year in every possible way. Cooking, cleaning, gardening, walking my dog, taking me to treatments, helping me regain my strength and continuing to honor me with their love and affection. I am grateful for every day granted me since the diagnosis. I thank God that he granted me this time on earth. I hope that I will continue to be cancer-free for as long as I live. There are no guarantees in life so enjoy and be thankful for every moment you are granted.

I wish all of you — patients and caregivers and survivors — the very best health and the most fulfilled lives, whatever their length. I blog often and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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I opted in for your RSS feed as well. Thank you for your story and your positive outlook on life beyond cancer. So glad you figured out what was wrong. Many blessings for continued health and happiness!

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  • My name is Hilary and I am 39 years old and I was recently diagnosed with multiple lung nodules. I am a non smoker and I do have a family history of lung cancer but they were all smokers. I collapsed at work two weeks ago and the nodules were found by accident.

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    One of them is different from all the others and I am being told I need to have a repeat CT Scan in 3 months to look at the one nodule. I would really like today this story inspired me to respond and ask for any advice.

    In order to understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation.

    Thanks for your great website and thanks for the advice about not ignoring symptoms. If only i could convince 2 other people of that! I also have stage 1V Lung Cancer.. I had a pain in the middle of my chest for over a year…So finally my Dr ordered a CT scan,because I gave up smoking after 30 years…Lo and behold cancer was found…So they went down my throat to do a procedure found no cancer..

    So next biopsy in my lung thru my back.. After a lung callapsed due to precedure cancer was found…I had a choice radiation or operation.. I opted for operation…. So my right upper lobe was removed.. By robotic surgery,While the Dr. Was in their her took out some nodes.. So 4 rounds of chemo was ordered I was so sick pukeing pukeing pukeing…Now the night mare is behind me I am in remission no cancer to be found.. The doctor considers the surgery to have little impact for the time being. Could you, please share more, about the type and size of tumor you had and the treatment used as well as a treatment facility?

    Thank you in advance. My mother is 70 yrs old. But you would never know it from looking or seeing how active she is. But she started having shortness of breath and tired all the time and pain off and on all in her right side. This all started with in 6 months ago.

    I have spent the past week at doctors office and hospitals with her for lots testing.