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Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! A recipe…for murder? Life is sweet for Daphne Martin right now, from her flourishing cake-decorating business to a rekindled romance with her high school boyfriend, Ben. After his first master class, Jordan is found bludgeoned with a cake stand and drowned in some very bitter batter. Plenty of townsfolk think the curmudgeonly confectioner had it coming, but the half-baked evidence points to Daphne as a prime suspect.

With Ben mulling a new job offer—in Kentucky—Daphne is faced with a multilayered dilemma. She needs to somehow keep her boyfriend, win the cake competition, and sift out the real culprit If she can win "me "over If she can win "me "over she's got a great future. A must read for cake bakers and anyone who has ever spent creative time in the kitchen! Help Centre.

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Daphne Martin Mystery Series

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Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews "Entertaining In Stock. Grand Union. Had to request an ILL but should get it in a few weeks.

Thanks for letting me know about this series. Linda, I bought the Eggs in Purgatory cacklebery Club book but haven't gotten to it yet. I won't race you to see who reads it first, because I think I'm saving my "owned" books for later in the when I can't get what want from the library. This new tea shop one also lists the next one in each of her three series. I read the first Sammi Carter candy shop mystery and enjoyed it. I've got the second one around here someplace and should read that one, too. I think the third is out or out soon.

So many books, so little time Will we ever read them all? I don't think Taylor is writing these anymore but they were favorites of mine. Similar now is the newer series by Jimmie Ruth Evans set in Mississippi. That one also features a waitress and much of the action is set in a diner.

Oh, also loved the Livia Washburn baker series. On many of the others, I've read one and thought they were ok. At some point, I will probably get back to them. The Julie Hyzy White House chef series sounds promising. Though they're not food-related, some of the Deb Baker mysteries have recipes--I think it was her Yooper series, not the doll series. I thought it was going to be a thread about secret recipes duhhh.

I'm high on Benadryl fighting a cold so please excuse my mental slowness. No wonder they tell you not to drive while taking this stuff. I see what you mean, Phlox Kind of like the secret formula for Coca Cola. I hope you feel better. I didn't realize there are so many cooking series! Besides Joanne Fluke, which I just ordered, which ones are the best?


Like you, Ivy, I didn't realize that there were so many culinary mysteries, but I have only read a few of them. Obviously, I have a lot of readig ahead of me! The amount of food in each book varies, though. In the tea shop books, they are constantly talking about what new tea blend Drayton has created or what sort of scones or other foods Haley has developed.

In the two series featuring waitresses, food isn't as important to the plot--Kathleen Taylor if I recall correctly, it's been many years since I read these or in Jimmie Ruth Evans series. Besides the Laura Childs tea shop series, among the newer series I've discovered, I like the Joanna Carl chocolate shop series, as well as the Joanne Fluke and the Livia Washburn baker series--she and one of her tenants are always competing in baking competitions. Among the long-time series I've been reading forever, I like the Ellen Hart series, though, in these, again, food is not as central.

In the "don't like category," I've read all but the last few of the many Diane Mott Davidson caterer series and have gotten tired of them. Someday, maybe I'll pick this up again. Back in January, I picked up the first Miranda Bliss book where the sleuth takes a cooking class and did not like this one, though I admit it had potential and will likely give her another chance sometime.

Years ago, I think I read a Joanne Pence and didn't care for it, though I can no longer remember why. I might give her another chance, too. Cheli, did I see somewhere that one of your upcoming books is an Isis Crawford mystery? I think I own one or two but haven't gotten around to them.

Daphne Martin Mystery Series

Re 15 - 17 Thanks, Linda, for your comments. I'll keep Laura Childs in mind. Speaking of scones, does anybody have a good recipe for scones? I've tried 3 or 4 recipes. They weren't bad how can a scone be bad?

Battered to Death by Gayle Trent

Ivy I don't have a scone recipe - I'll keep an eye out for one. I do have a great family recipe for cinnamon rolls. Linda - you are right, anything with a good crab cake is great! I started Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder last night, and so far am enjoying it very much -- also eager to try the recipes! Re Scones: I tried another recipe yesterday, and the disastrous result was actually very funny! My husband's comment: "These look awful, but they taste pretty good! Don't know why, I think I measured correctly. Maybe I should have added some more flour, but instead I just sort of spooned it onto the cookie sheet, causing the 2 circles to run together.

And of course it ended up having more of a cake consistency than scone consistency.

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But the major disaster was that the recipe called for fresh raspberries. Nope, none available this time of year, so I used thawed frozen raspberries.

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Maybe that was what caused too much liquid, though I did drain them pretty well. Anyway, they didn't hold their shape much and sort of bled into the dough, and I ended up with GRAY scones. Still looking for a good scone reicpe Ivy, I think I have one, I 'll see if I can track it down. It had me hooked in the first paragraph talking a cooking Maine lobsters and frying butter with garlic. I can smell now!

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Cheli, you are constantly reminding me of series I have started and sort of fell by the wayside with. I think I liked Jerilyn Farmer but haven't moved on in this series in series. I love scones, btw, but am picky about them. The best ones ever were at a place not far from the mystery bookstore in Madison, WI.

Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death In order to introduce herself to the picturesque English village where she has just retired, Mrs. Agatha Raisin enters a quiche in a local competition and promptly finds herself a murder suspect when the judge dies from her poisonous pie.

I'm going to check it out. Just heard about culinary crime books, and can't wait to dive in! I realize I'm on the late train, but these are two of my favorite subjects, food, and mysteries.