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JavaCompiler API, we can generate the direct access code at runtime:. The full source code is much longer and available in this GitHub repository.

Virtual Datasets

For more information on how to use javax. JavaCompiler , take a look at page 2 of this article or this article. In Java 8, it requires the tools. In Java 9, it requires the module java. Besides javax.

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And, the profiling using sampling looks much better too:. Note that in normal use cases, that performance gain will hardly be detectable, due to massive CPU needs of a realistically complex score calculation. Getting LambdaMetafactory to work on a non-static method turned out to be challenging, due to lack of documentation and StackOverflow questions, but it does work:.

However, the profiling using sampling still shows a lot of executeGetter time that is still less than with reflection.

The metaspace cost seems to be about 2kb per lambda in a non-scientific measurement and it gets garbage collected normally. However, the bootstrap cost matters, too, because we need to create a MyAccessor for every getter in the domain hierarchy that we want to reflect over, such as Person. My machine creates about 25k accessors per second.

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Over a million developers have joined DZone. Let's be friends:. Java Reflection, but Faster. DZone 's Guide to. Want to learn more about the fastest way to read a getter from a Java class? Check out this post where we explore how to do this with Java Reflection. Free Resource.

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Generated code with javax. JavaCompiler is fast.

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LambdaMetafactory is pretty fast. Chain gangs developed as a popular solution to that problem. Chain gangs were groups of convicts forced to labor at tasks such as road construction, ditch digging, or farming while chained together. Some chain gangs toiled at work sites near the prison, while others were housed in transportable jails such as railroad cars or trucks.


The improvements they made to public roadways had significant impact on rural areas, allowing planters to more quickly and more easily transport their crops to market. Chain gangs minimized the cost of guarding prisoners, but exposed prisoners to painful ulcers and dangerous infections from the heavy shackles around their ankles. Chain gangs eventually gave way to work gangs — groups of prisoners who worked off-site and under guard, but not in chains.