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Then he moves into creating the work digitally — increasingly common among modern artists — and goes forward from there.

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Scroggs was working toward working in film at first, but that shifted once he decided to make his first book. He eventually got signed, and the first book came out in And while Scroggs ended up in L. Most agents are based in New York, but they take clients from all over. The thing that makes Scroggs the right fit for the books he does, he said, is that he still thinks like the kids he writes for. His own career hasn't been without disappointments. He'd still love to do more with some of the previous projects he's worked on — particularly the Muppets, who he had the chance to work with in his Tales of Sixth-Grade Muppet series.

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You also need to be ready to take work where you can get it. One option for local artists is to try getting into animation, he said. Scroggs had always wanted to make a comic book, so Swamp Kid is his chance to get at that while still doing what he's best known for.

DC sent a list of characters they wanted a new kids book take on, and monster-loving Scroggs jumped on the idea of doing something with Swamp Thing. To get the gig, he submitted a four-to-five-page fake book with a fake cover, going as far as scanning an actual spiral notebook to give the feel of what the final product would look like. Scroggs went back to old school Swamp Thing comics, inspired by legendary horror artist and the character's co-creator, Bernie Wrightson.

The Actual '73 Giving Tree Movie Spoken By Shel Silverstein

Like other books that Scroggs has done, he wanted to combine funny stuff with the ghoulish, creepy, "gooey grossness" of Swamp Thing. Swamp Kid marks Scroggs' first actual graphic novel.

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It's still a mixture of text and pictures, but it includes some traditionally comic-booky page designs, as well as the whole thing being an object that also exists in the universe of the story. All rights reserved.

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There are many witches and wizards with spells in this land and Jo gets put back right side up, by a friendly old witch. Here everything that happens is very dream-like and unreal. The characters get stuck in this land because the Sandman throws sand in the children's eyes to make them sleep.

The 13-Storey Treehouse

In this land, anybody can do what they want and the children have great fun. Jo gets to drive a train, and all of them get to wade in the ocean. Saucepan man accidentally thinks of this land to be The Land of Goodies, so he gets imprisoned for stealing candy. Jo and the others rescue him from jail. This land is filled with free goodies such as cake and treacle pudding.

Rick eats a knocker from one of the resident's houses, getting in trouble. Dame Washalot's friend, the old woman who lives in a shoe, comes down the faraway tree to live in Moonface's house.

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The children lure her back to her land, with Rick making up for his mistake in The Land of Goodies and saving his friends. In this land everyone has a bad temper and if anyone loses their temper here, they will have to stay in the land forever.

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A place full of presents, which the children go around picking up for each other and their parents. The modern reprints have altered the names of the main characters. Jo is now Joe, Bessie is now Beth from the original Elizabeth. Dick and Fanny have been changed to Rick and Frannie, due to the modern sexual connotations of the original names.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the novel. For the series which includes this novel, see The Faraway Tree.