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Others like to set them down for certain parts that are familiar. Just remember, the method in which you handle your notes simply has to work for you and not be distracting for your audience. Let those goals guide you. We can always improve as speakers. What an exciting reminder! For more ways to improve your presentation skills, reach out to our team at Ethos3 now.

Exchange manuscripts for key words. Practice with your notes. Handle them consistently.

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When is your next presentation? We can help. In any case, it is profitable to have several well constructed addresses readily available for such occasions as these.

Remember, a haulmark of a competent speaker is that they can respond to these situations without fuss, seemingly without effort and deliver as if they had been preparing for weeks. Connect with me on LinkedIn. I never IDK and never spam, ever. Click here to cancel reply.

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The first question to ask the person approaching us is How long do we speak for? Nail this down clearly. It could be anywhere from 2 to 35 minutes. Then agree on a subject for our address. We must think on our feet here as this will shape the success or failure of this address, and very possibly the event.

This is where we have our frequently only chance to select and agree a subject that we are conversant with, and can competently deliver on. Jot down some time segments, or blocks. Usually around four will work well.

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If we are speaking for two minutes: four by thirty second blocks. If speaking for twenty minutes: four by five minute blocks, and so forth. This will not only help us to organize our thoughts, but, critically, to deliver on time. Now, think clearly, focus, and mentally process what are the components of the address?

Usually we will have at least some time to do this, but if we really have to, it can be done in two minutes. Remember, only one subject for the address, and ideally only one point for each time period.