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First Anniversary Issue. Cover art: Kevin Larson. TZ Publications, Inc. Edward Orenstein.

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Advertising Production Manager: Marina Despotakis. Note: this is the first issue which does not present a Rod Serling teleplay. Serling congratulates the winners, offers encouragement to those who did not win, and promotes the next short story contest offered by the magazine, including a few suggestions for stories inspired by then-current headlines.

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This is a wonderful look at a time when many of the people who made the series were still alive and able to attend events and give interviews. Disch with the May, issue. The Keep by F. My only complaint is with the human side of the book.

Double Fault

The characters are typical rather than individual, and suffer a loss in believability. I kept on feeling that this well-constructed novel should have come alive for me more than it did. The second ending is even scarier and more true to life than the first. Nolan was the screenwriter on the exploitation film I Dismember Mama which was actually written by William W. The film was directed by John Irvin, photographed by Jack Cardiff, and featured the special makeup effects of Dick Smith.

Going by the made up names Lucy and Jeremy they go to school but try to not get too close to everyone around them.. Kind of not something you can overlook. I have to say that Lorelai was my favorite. Lorelai was extremely beautiful, like model beautiful and loved to shop.

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She was a total fashionista. The main reason I loved her is because she wasn't afraid to speak her mind. She told you exactly how she felt no matter what she thought of you. Actually see was kind of scary at first but after you noticed it was all a front, Her tough as nails exterior fell a little , and she would kill anyone who ever hurt any of her family or friends. She spits back, fire resonating in her eyes. She went through a really traumatic event during a tennis match when she was 12 and it altered her life. She doesn't have very much self-esteem because of the trauma the incident caused her and she stopped playing tennis which she misses..

Trent was sexy and chivalrous and Cassie was beautiful and caring in each of her lives. Trent was the type of person who did what he could so that everyone else would be happy and didn't even think about his own happiness in the process. All of that just added to his bad boy rocker persona and made him sexy in my eyes. How did Trent and Cassie meet you ask? Well, remember when I said Trent could time travel? Well, I forgot to tell you how and why. Nope, he gets these visions and the visions show him what is to happen and who he has to save.

Trent was supposed to save Cassie but was a little too late. Its been his only regret ever since. A cold sweat floods my body then when I notice a black blob pooled up underneath her. So much blood! Of course he doesn't run anything by her at all. Only thing he didn't think of was how hard it would be to see Cassie back in the life she had before but without him.. Cassie was happier in this life and she was playing tennis again.

She even seemed to be more confident. It should of made Trent happy and for a while it did but his heart betrayed him.. Cassie surprised Trent one day by just showing up on his door.. She remembered him, she remembered their love and she was seriously angry at him Of course there is so much more to this story..