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You're drawn to busy scenes with a lot of coming and going, like restaurants. You also thrive in fast-paced media environments, since you're one to go with the flow of the new. If this is your Rising Sign, you come across as curious and light-hearted. Keep in mind that the Rising Sign is your way of moving through life -- your style, quirks, responses, and the impression you make.

Gemini is the lightest of the air signs, for a personality that's hard to pin down. That levity makes you a fun friend and not one to get stuck in a groove.

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On the other hand, folks might not know where you stand on anything, as you tend to see from many angles. You might not think much of saying one thing and then contradicting yourself later. But employers or clients could take note of this, and wonder if you'll stand by your word.


This is a tricky thing since you really are that trustworthy. On critical issues, though, you'll want to strive for some consistency, to win trust. The Gemini rising is chatty, and always looking at life from new angles.

Gemini Rising / Ascendant

You get into mischief when your need to know runs wild and turns into negative gossip. This is a mutable Rising Sign, and that makes you adaptable to other people. You're able to change with new information, but may be overly impressionable that way, running with every new fascination.

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You can be a wicked gossip if you use your gift for the gap in a negative way. The extremes of this show up as the Gemini Dark Side when acerbic wit turns destructive. You get mean if you're bored, like in work situations that are repetitive. Gemini-style depression happens when there's stagnation of the mind, and you feel like you're in an airless room. Enraged, Cencula kills Manning with a shot to the head for failing him.

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He then calls for a full evacuation of the island and releases the large alien, forcing Doctor Bainbridge to control 'Spike' to pursue Lisa. Fleeing from the alien, Lisa runs into a mine field and the alien sets off the mines causing a landslide, burying them both. The Colonel presumes they're dead, but both Lisa and the large alien are still alive as the little alien had managed to wrest control from the doctor and used "Spike" to protect Lisa from being crushed.

The small alien informs Lisa telepathically that it wants her to help free both aliens. With help from the aliens Lisa defeats the military army on the island and they both confront the Colonel Cencula.

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Lisa begs him to stop the torture and release the aliens. When he emphatically refuses the large alien disarms him and rips him to shreds. Lisa frees both aliens and they escape as the island is set to self-destruct. The aliens thank and warn Lisa to quickly run, then take to their spaceship. Lisa is rescued from the island via a helicopter, relaying to the superior officer therein that the corrupt colonel and the experiment have been destroyed, that the aliens are 'gone,' and that it's best they take off before the whole island blows up.

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Meanwhile, somewhere below, in a somewhat cryptic scene, Dr. Bainbridge is seen rowing down a river with a metal suitcase and what appears to be the comatose body of Lisa's twin sister. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster.

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