Guide Historicizing Lifestyle: Mediating Taste, Consumption and Identity from the 1900s to 1970s

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The globalization of food - David Inglis , Debra L.

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Why women wear what they wear - Sophie Woodward electronic resource. The rise of brands - Liz Moor electronic resource. Brands: the logos of the global economy - Celia Lury , MyiLibrary electronic resource. Consumption challenged: food in medialised everyday lives - Halkier, Bente electronic resource. Cultural studies and anti-consumerism - Binkley, Sam , Littler, Jo Reading intentions and notes are stored against your user profile. Please create a profile to use this feature. You can use item notes to make personal notes on any of your reading items. Notes are private to you and will not be shown to other users.

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Once logged in, click Read this? Contact us. Grouped by section Group by type Group by importance. Apply filter eBooks items Digitised resources item Online resources items Remove filters. Key Textbooks 3 items. There is no one set text for this module but the following will give you an overview of many of the key theories we discuss across the module. You should treat the pdfs that are available to download as your own personal reader to accompany the module.

You can download either here or from the content page in NOW. Fordism and Post-Fordism 4 items.

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Bourdieu, Taste and Class 12 items. Legitimate and Illegitimate Lifestyles 14 items. Mediating Lifestyle 20 items.

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Tourism, Travel and Lifestyle 2 items. Time and Lifestyles 14 items. Work and Lifestyles 6 items. Shops and Shopping 12 items. Domestic Consumption 15 items.

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Consumption and the Social Life of Things 12 items. Collecting and Disposing 7 items. Ethical Consumption 13 items. Food: Eating In and Eating Out 13 items. Food: Global, National and Local 7 items. Representing Food: TV Cookery 13 items. Please see the articles on food in the section on 'Mediating Lifestyle' as well. Food, Risk and Anxiety 3 items. Food: other useful books 2 items. Consumption: other useful books 8 items.

Gender and Consumption 7 items. Fashion and Consumption 4 items. Subjects Humanities, Social Sciences. Export Citation. Get Citation. Hollows, J.

By David Bell, Joanne Hollows. View abstract. By Joanne Hollows. Johnson and Ebony Magazine, David Bell , Joanne Hollows. Lifestyles have a history, and lifestyle media is fundamentally implicated in this history. This original volume examines issues of taste, media and lifestyle from the s to s, providing a wealth of empirical evidence and debate from varied international perspectives.

Including examples as diverse as 'Good Housekeeping' and 'Playboy', it explores the continuities and discontinuities between the past and present to provide a better understanding of the representation of lifestyle and its relationship to the self.

Individual identity