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I stopped comparing myself to other people. I stopped everything that was making me unwell. I pushed the reset button. I felt so lost: after four years of building an identity that revolved around travel, who even was I if I no longer found it appealing?

Pushing the Reset Button: The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done for Myself

Those small moments with my family while I was home were the moments I treasured the most: walking for hours with my mum and chatting about what her life was like when she was my age; bonding with my dad over music and heading out together to see a Cambodian rock band play in Hackney; having my sister take me to her favourite burger joint, then treating her to afternoon tea; and the random conversations that never seem to occur over Skype calls when you only have 30 minutes to share your updates. Before my life revolved around travel, Pink Floyd was my everything.

With several years having passed, I dove back into that world and came up beaming. I hung out with Kurt, and we chatted about photography and music and his life in Los Angeles as a kickass visual effects guy for every big movie ever. I met up with Alex and we chatted about his work as a radio DJ and we excitedly reminisced about our days spent sitting on Pink Floyd forums for hours on end. I jump from one addiction to the next, casting off my old obsession as soon as something shinier comes along. But my time at home showed me that I can have balance in my life if I work at it. I can fit exercise into my life if I set an alarm to remind me to close my laptop and go outside.

I was paralysed by too many options. Should I start catching up from way back in Mexico, two years ago, when I stopped writing regularly on Never Ending Footsteps? Or should I stop posting chronologically and write about whatever I want? So, I stepped away. I stopped writing and I stopped worrying and I started reading.

And I devoured 23 books in six weeks[! To be creative again and to stop being such a goddamn perfectionist. But this book changed my life. Seriously changed my life. I so recommend this book. Reading books is where rest comes in to my life. Taking a break helped me get my shit together. Within a few days of quitting, I was back and enjoying it. This break felt like a real vacation, because I managed to stop.

Not Traveling Showed Me There Are More Important Things in Life

I guess I was being mindful, or something like that. I flew from Madrid to Abu Dhabi and had another panic attack at the airport. I flew from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok and had a panic attack on the flight. But then I stepped into the sweet Bangkok air and a weight lifted. Humidity felt good.

12 Simple Ways to Hit the Reset Button on Life |

Healing, even. There was something about being in Thailand that made my anxiety melt away. And it was weird, because I started to feel like myself again. We kicked things off with a stay on a floating hotel on the Tatai River , in a remote area of jungle, only accessible by a thirty-minute boat ride.

Walking along the walls of Angkor Thom was a definite highlight, as was a quiet sunset at Angkor Wat. Everything felt manageable. Because what would happen if I got anxious and had a panic attack? I visited Hanoi for the first time and fell in love with the chaos and confusion. I re-visited Hoi An and marvelled at the beautiful lanterns.

I said in my previous post that I desperately wanted to find a way to get back to my old self. A version of me that is post-travel and pre-book in terms of anxiety, but who has also found a way to add play and rest into her life. Great to have you back, Lauren! Funny that you mention self-help books. It made me who I want to be. This can relate to many out there. So great to have you back! I have pushed the reset button before as well, in July It took a lot of recognizing the anxiety when it bubbled up and a conscious effort to almost do the opposite.

Nerves telling me that my posts were too lengthy and not funny enough and no one was going to read them? I reminded myself that I wanted to attract readers like me to my blog and if they were like me, they would think my dumb puns were funny. You gotta do you. I agree with your friend. I think the ever growing, ever evolving you should not be looking back to the past, but instead to the future.

Need Immediate Change? Hit Your Reset Button

I love love love this post Goldfish Kiss wrote recently. I love that post, too!

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I admire your writing and I am glad you are getting back to it. Thanks for being such an inspiration ;. Welcome back! Sometimes we need to stop and reset our life and mind. And re-connect with ourselves, with the others and with the world. Happiness to you and Dave.

Hitting the Reset Button - Your Weekly Energy Boost

I ll keep following your really nice posts and gorgeous photos. Cheers Antonio. I am SO SO proud of you.

Hopefully, you will be just as happy next time I see you. Miss your face and love watching you grow and evolve every step of the way. Keep it up, gorgeous.

Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

Great to spend some time with you and feeding you in Bangkok xx. You should definitely listen to it. Lauren, your site has been amongst my favorite for the last couple of years. Sometimes, things can just get so exhausting and we have to slow down or change course. I wish you all the best and look forward to continuing to learn from you and be inspired by you. This post is wonderful! Ah, no, I was actually there on the 2nd! What did you think of the concert? The invitation remains open! Showing you some kickass Thai food!

Thank you so much, Yok! I really appreciate the offer!