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WIP the renegades someone line and colour this for me.

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For everyone. Which is also delightful. Ask sadgaywerewolf a question tbod the renegades fic rec pi and I used to yell about updates we cried when they posted the final chapter cheattoe.

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The Renegades Knocking on my door music. Unspoken Rules of The Renegades. Head canon fun time: a little over 3 years here Nicholas Arner Boyd with the help of his best friend Lance Burke, set up the Renegades under the instruction of the Judge as Commander Cold and Heatstroke. Bekka later recommended Amelia Enda for the second in command.

The Commander would train Trixster while Heat worked with Warlock.

Last but not least, Benedict joins the Renegades as the Top. But before i buy the book I want to know what you think about it and is it like a dystopia world where there is superheroes? Ask dregstrash a question the renegades archenemies renegades trilogy nova artino adrian everhart. Bia art Sketch The Renegades.

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I must have you,. Find your place in the task force and maybe you'll be able to find love too while fighting for the good and just.

FullmetalApollo: I'm not the best at backgrounds though You're the new recruit, yes? I've been assigned as your mentor, so you'll have to put up with me for a few months. Welcome to The Renegades. Feel free to ask for help if you need it. Stay sharp. It's good not being the "new guy" anymore. FullmetalApollo: That'd be fun Mein: "Aah! I'm late to the meeting! This is no good! That's the new guy, insername, right? My best friend is a Trekkie, so I feel obligated to put in a Romulan joke for this post.

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As a fun side fact, a race called the Remans also exists in the Star Trek universe. Much like the Romulans, they share a gene with the Vulcans. Alright, sci-fi geekery aside, let's turn to mythology!

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I talked briefly about the brothers Romulus and Remus in my post about Valentine's Day , but I wanted to delve further into their story. The two are arguably some of the most important characters in Roman mythology, since their tale is the story of the founding of Rome itself.

RENEGADES l Book Review.

The story begins with a king named Numitor, who had a beautiful daughter named Rhea Silvia. Numitor ruled over a city in ancient Italy, and was a fair and wise king In a drastic coup, Amulius seized control of the city. He overthrew and banished Numitor, and then killed his sons, leaving him with no rightful heir. Knowing that any children born to Rhea Silvia would be descendants of Numitor with a legitimate claim to the throne, Amulius forced the young woman to take a vow of chastity, swearing to remain a virgin. Ni yoitosareru syokuhinno koukaha npromises of the dead book 2 grim alliance series the grim alliance.

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