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Thanks for the comment, Cynthia. I appreciate it! Yes, symbolism can sometimes be very meaningful. It can be interesting, too! Wow Alicia, thanks for all the great information on the legends and mythology of ivy. I think we have forgotten much of the power of this symbolism and that our forebears lived in a world where they saw meaning and symbols throughout the natural world and their lived.

Great hub, about the English Ivy. The stories connected with this plant is very interesting. Enjoyed reading. Voted up interesting and informative. Hi, truthfornow. I find carol history very interesting, too! It's fun to learn more about the topic. I liked reading about the symbolism because I had no idea. I am actually interested in reading more on the carols as it seems like a very enriched history. I had never thought about the term Ivy League that much either - but it makes sense. Keep up the great work and keep on writing great hubs that I will read.

Gardener Den. Hi, Rebecca. I love English ivy too, although I must admit it's often hard to keep under control where I live. It's great that you have a neighbor who gives you her ivy! Like you, I think that it's a pretty plant. Thank you so much, Bill! I appreciate your kind comment, the vote and the share. I hope you have a great week, too!

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I like using it, and it is a pretty plant. Thanks for standing up for English ivy! Hi Linda. Fascinating hub, especially the connection to Dionysus and the Ivy League. Who knew? Not me! You always do such a thorough and complete job, very well done. Thank you for the education. Voted up, shared, etc Have a great week. Great information about the English Ivy, thanks so much for sharing : I love learning about these!

Thank you, Alun. I appreciate your comment and the vote. Investigating the symbolic meanings of ivy - and other plants - is a very interesting activity! Very informative article Linda about all aspects of this very distinctive plant which offers a useful function in many gardens and as a decorative natural cover for walls.

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Particularly for me it was interesting to learn of the possible origins of the 'Ivy League' Universities - a term I have often wondered about. Re 'The Holly and the Ivy', I learned about this for a hub about Christmas carols I once wrote, and I concur with the view expressed here. It seems the link between holly and ivy was just too strong for the ivy to be left out of this famous carol, even though the holly was to be the main subject of the carol.

Thank you very much for the kind comment, Maren Morgan! English ivy and ginkgo are both very interesting plants, but they actually belong to different biological families. English ivy belongs to the ginseng family, or the Araliaceae, and ginkgo belongs to the Ginkgoaceae family. Excellent article. Informative and well researched.

It really caught my eye and educated me on the background of this beautiful plant. I am new here and this was the first article I read! Thank you!

You always share information I have never known. I don't know how you do that because I do have some education, but you do it every single time. Thank you for continuing my education. It sounds like a lovely plant, Suhail, whatever it is! The outside of your home must look beautiful.

Thank you for the comment and the votes, Faith! I visited the HubPages forum just now and read about the Internet trouble that you're having. Thank you so much for making the effort to read this hub! I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend and that your access to the Internet is restored soon.

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Blessings to you. Thank you so much for the comment and the share, Carolyn! I am very interested in British history and mythology.

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I was born in Britain and grew up there. I love Canada, but a part of me is still British! I'll visit the Facebook page that you mention. Fascinating hub, Alicia! I loved learning so much here on the symbolism and traditions as to the Ivy plant and the Holly as well Alicia I loved this hub! I admin on some mythology pages and I will give it a share! Hey, if you enjoy writing about history myth and legend of the British Isles, I write and assist the editor for Celtic Guide magazine and we are always recruiting writers.

It's a free magazine so it doesn't pay, but writers get a free ad and a plug for your website or hubpages profile or whatever you want.

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If you are interested, I moderate the FB page, it's www. Hi, Suhail. Thank you for your kind comment. I appreciate it very much. Your ivy sounds absolutely beautiful! I don't think it can be English ivy if it turns red in the fall, though, since English ivy stays green all year long. I wonder if your plant is Boston ivy? This plant has lobed leaves, grows on walls, has blue berries and turns a beautiful red color in the autumn.

It's a lovely plant. Facade of my home has English Ivy all over it starting from late spring and lasts till mid fall. In early fall the leaves start turning brilliant red drawing oohs and aahs from every passer by.

Me Versus Me Volume Two, The Poems of Ivy Marie

It is a beautiful creeper and with symbolism, tradition and mythology that you pointed out behind it, I am sure my family will start respecting it even more. I enjoyed reading the diverse traditions and stories connected with ivy, from the history of the Ivy League to ivy's connection with wine. Very interesting and nicely researched!

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An Attractive and Symbolic Plant English ivy is an attractive plant in the ginseng family. English Ivy It's easy to imagine how ivy first drew attention to itself.