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You know, I read a lot of Roald Dahl that summer. I think I read everything he wrote, everything I could get my hands on anyway.

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In eighth grade, I started my first novel, and I think I wrote maybe 30, words of trash … just garbage that had no end in sight. I kept adding things I enjoyed, and there was no rhyme or reason to it. You need to get that sort of thing out of your system before you can write anything anyone else would want to read. For a long time, I was trying to write Harry Potter. Those stories meant so much to me when I read them, and they mean so much to me still. The first novel I wrote as an adult, when I was trying to actually create something, was a fantasy novel set in a library. I was really trying to channel all of the fantasy novels that I loved.

I think that was holding me back a little bit. I can see some of the Harry Potter influence in your novel. Yeah, I think you can see the connections.

I used to listen to the stories when I was working in my cubicle. So there are a lot of references to Harry Potter throughout the novel, and it definitely colored my writing. But I did have to cut out a Beetlejuice reference, and a Britney Spears reference.

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She thought it might alienate some of the readers, some of the younger ones who might not get what I was going for. No, it just worked for the story. It was hard to do that and not talk about Harry Potter , and baking, and so much of the stuff I love. Those stories are the ones that hit me the hardest, and they keep on hitting me. There are so many wonderful new YA books out there.

10 Super Powerful Moments of Realization

I think readers enjoy YA because it gives them the freedom to remember when they felt things intensely, when they had those moments of clarity and emotion. Yeah, I would agree with that. I think Adam holds back a lot. Maybe without the schizophrenia, he might be a little more emotional, but I think he would still be less emotional than most protagonists in his age group.

Thinking like an Artist: Translating Ideas into Form

And that will create a level of empathy. I remember being mad in my cubicle and having had a recent conversation with friends from Catholic school. And I guess sometimes when you have conversations, or you have dreams, or you watch good movies, and it just kind of settles into this soup in your brain, it all comes out.

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I remember writing that first entry on my lunch break, and that was just the way it came out. He just wanted to say his piece, and that was why he was responding in writing and not having an actual dialogue. She then reaching over to give her daughter a hug.

Leading from Purpose: Clarity and the Confidence to Act When It Matters Most

She then starts to remember more about her family — specifically, her other daughter, Grant's sister, LouAnn. Grant posted the video nearly a month ago on Facebook, where the clip has been seen nearly 2 million times and shared more than 28, times. But she never expected the video would connect with so many viewers around the world. The response has moved Grant and has provided her with perspective.

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It's like a recognition of how special and kind of momentous it is. Grant told NBC News that they learned her mother had dementia about seven years ago when Carmen was taking care of her own mother, who had Alzheimer's. But she said her mother lives with her and her family after a stay at a memory care facility didn't work for several reasons, including an absence of workers who knew sign language.