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Many of us know the feeling. How to deal with it all? We have talked to Trine, a Findroommate user who just found a new room to live in. She will share her story of how she experienced the process of searching for a new home and how she ended up finding the perfect room in Copenhagen.

When Trine started her search for a new home she was initially looking for an apartment to rent. Searching for apartments on Google, Trine however found findroommate. She also felt it would be easier to find a room in a shared apartment compared to a an apartment alone, and therefore she started looking for a room. Trine naturally had some criteria to the room she wanted to rent. The housing market for rentals in Copehagen and particularly in the areas closest to the city centre can be quite a battlefield as there are so many home seekers compared to the amount of vacant accommodation options.

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When the contact first was made the rest went quite fast. Then we agreed on a day, where I could come an see the room and apartment - so we also could see if we would be a good roommate match. We hit it off very well and then she wrote me, that if I was still interested, the room was mine. So over a period of one month, Trine went from being home seeker to get not only a new home but also a new roommate.

Trine was one of the lucky users who found a room in Copenhagen. Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Lobster 2. Pots 3.

I'm an inhuman entity, immortal and far more powerful than you. You're not even aware of what I'm capable of. He puts his pencil down slowly and elevates himself up from his seat, before shuffling quietly towards his kitchen. Taehyung slips across the wall before slowly peeking his head inside the door frame that leads to the kitchen, holding his breath in fear of making a sudden move that would scare whatever the fuck is opening his cabinets.

See a Problem?

There, in his line of sight, is the bottom drawer of his counter being opened by what appears to be nothing, bags of chips and instant cups of noodles being shuffled around. He wants to scream in fear, shock, horror, excitement and annoyance. How is one truly supposed to react to your snack cabinet being raided by an unknown source that you can't see with the naked human eye? Taehyung rubs his eyes, half from shock and half from lack of sleep; this little, creepy incident cutting into his studying time at 3am on a Tuesday night. He stands motionless, staring at his favourite lobster flavoured chips imported from China, that cost half of his pocket money when he traveled there, mind you being picked up into thin air, and ripped open as if a person were going to eat it.

In that moment, a human sized silhouette of some sort begins to come into shape, forming what appears to be a transparent outline of a boy, or young man. Taehyung feels his jaw come loose and drop to the ground as he watches the phantom come into view, and reaches its hand into his fucking bag of chips. At this, adrenaline from the fear suddenly kicks in and moves his body into action. Ghost or no ghost, he was going to eat those fucking chips even if it kills him.

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He's a stressed, overworked and underpaid linguistics and mathematics major, and he was not going to let those delicious edibles be taken away from him. Hurriedly, he rushes back to his dining table and grabs his heavy geometry textbook, and quickly slips back over to the kitchen door frame. Nearly tripping over his socks, he hardens his body and takes a few deep breaths, before jumping into the kitchen with his textbook held high above his head in a battle stance.

The ghost jumps back from the surprise attack do ghosts even get scared?

It lets out an eerie, human-like shriek as it holds up its forearms in defense. The figure seems to become more visible than transparent at the shock, and Taehyung finally lets his fear catch up to him because this is not a live human being. The boy Man? His form flickers in and out of focus like a lightbulb before it settles.

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Taehyung stares through his body and at his broom placed against the wall on the other side of the kitchen. What the fuck. The ghost stares back at him for a second, before a look of what can only be described as embarrassment settles across his oddly handsome features.

No one has ever been able to see him since he became like this, and his eyes open widely at the sudden realization. Taehyung gapes at that statement, which was more so of one than a question, because clearly, he can. And in the flesh figuratively. He lowers the textbook until it rests against his chest, hugging it tightly before speaking again. The smile stretches across his face so wildly that Taehyung thinks it might split in half. He frowns in confusion as the ghost starts giggling uncontrollably, almost as if it was in happiness.

What, do you have some sort of special ability?

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Sixth sense? He stares at the boy a little longer before tilting his head. Taehyung smiles back unsurely, slowly setting his textbook down on the counter beside him, and crossing his arms over his chest. Either he's extremely sleep deprived and hallucinating right now or he took a mad load of his prescription on accident, but he doesn't really find it in himself to care. He's got thousands of questions running through his mind and appearing on the back of his eyelids when he blinks, even ringing in his ears like, ghosts are real?

Are you real? How did you die? Why do you want my chips? How are you holding that bag of chips? If he squints, Taehyung can make out the shape of his irises, and he notices that they are blank and contain no colour or pupils. Just a plain, greyish tone to match the rest of its transparency. Taehyung shivers.