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The Quasar That Built a Galaxy

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Luckily, the newly studied quasar and galaxy were just bright enough to be flagged as potential distant-universe objects. The astronomers next analyzed data showing the individual wavelengths emitted by the quasar. By analyzing these specific wavelengths of light, particularly one emitted by magnesium, the astronomers were able to confirm the quasar's distance.

Brightest quasar ever found shines with the intensity of 600 trillion Suns

Studies of early quasars give scientists insight into our universe's youth. Quasars are powered by black holes, so they can tell us when and how the first black holes formed. Quasars' intense light also acts as a beacon shining through intergalactic space. As a quasar's light travels toward Earth, that light passes through intergalactic gas, which absorbs specific wavelengths of the light depending on the gas's temperature and composition.

Astronomers can then decode quasars' light to learn about the material located between galaxies that is much too faint to see directly. The researchers in the new study are already working to learn more about this newfound quasar.

They also plan to reanalyze older data to see if they missed other quasars. Live Science. Astronomers have spotted the brightest quasar shown here in artistic impression yet discovered in the early universe.