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ExecuteFile statement executes all the VBScript statements in a specied le.

After the le has beenexecuted, all the functions, subroutines and other elements from the le function library are availableto the action as global entities. Simply put, once the le is executed, its functions can be used by theaction. You can use the below mentioned logic to use ExecuteFile method to associate function librariesto your script. LoadFunctionLibrary, a new method introduced in QTP 11 allows you to load a function library when astep runs. You can load multiple function libraries from a single line by using a comma delimiter. This was all about the dierent ways using which you can associate function libraries to QTP Scripts.

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Smart Identification - HP UFT/ QTP TutoriaL #19

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Reference: h. Starting UFT Any other versions mostly older , are not supported by UFT. The Flex add-in isdeveloped and owned by Adobe. Adobe is providing the add-in via an automation package that is shipped with Flex Builder 3 Professional. Basicinformation on the automation package with QuickTest Professional integration is here:.

Users can download the automation package with QuickTest Professional integrationhere: h.

Faster, Smaller and More Secure Installation Package

A specic Adobe license is required and needs to be requested from Adobe. No specic Flex license is required onthe QuickTest Professional side. Note: Support for the Flex add-in is being provided by Adobe. From the Flex Builder 3 release notes h. HP QuickTest Professional 9. As of right now, there is no specic specialized uninstallation process for UFT Review and check for traces mentioned on below documents, under the Delete any tracesleft section:.

QTP Tutorial – Step by step guide to learn QTP

Note: The uninstallation steps above, or related documents, do not indicate removing any of thecomponents used by tool prerequisites or post-installation requirements. If end-user needs to removethen, collect the versions information of those currently installed on client machine, this in case otherseparate products unrelated to UFT is aected. For more information about Citrix XenApp product, see externalreference:h. XenApp is the new name for newer versions of Citrix 6 and higher. People who are using QTP for past some years and are very friendly with it, every day they test many functionalities of the software application to find and release bugs, during testing process they use many other tools with QTP to provide bug free quality software.

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Here is the solution of your all questions,. This integrated HP Unified Functional Testing package facilitates developers and testers to test three layers of the software applications; the Interface layer, the service layer and database layer. UFT runs on all main browsers that user uses regularly for their daily task, like; Internet Explorer v6 -v11, Firefox v3. In the welcome page, QTP provides process guidance list Keyword-Driven Testing, Application areas, and Business Components and many tools icons to test the applications as per the requirement.

Also, displays files which you have already opened earlier for work purpose and an option to hide the welcome page.

LoadRunner Analysis

In the welcome page, UFT displays links to open and create a new test file, also many tools to support and maintain that particular file. Although, UFT installation package is smaller than all previous versions; installation process has become very faster and secure, also it takes very less time during installation. Additionally, UFT provides option to install add-in for ALM and the Run Result Viewer with the installation package, installation process can be in any supported language by UFT; no need to install a separate language pack.

During installation, it installs and configures all necessary software, tools and add-ins required to run UFT. UFT v UFT Flex add-in is required to test Flex applications or objects from its interface successfully. This add-in faces problems in case of accessing UFT Flex Agent and finding Flex based web applications, to come out of these problems you have to compile a Flex application with a UFT Flex pre-compiled agent which is not necessary for QT applications.

The canvas of UFT is basically a Test Flow pane displays all actions all the functions of the test scripts happens during testing process in graphical form.

QTP - Useful Resources - Tutorialspoint

As per the requirement of the test, you can drag and drop all the actions up and down. You can run, debug, call the existing action or new one. Insight Recording; one of the best and easy image objects reorganization technique than other techniques, makes recording easier by providing recording toolbar.

During the test of an application, debugging becomes an important process of an automation tool. Due to its importance, has been improved in the latest version of QTP. This feature is useful when you are testing an application using API service of the UFT and an application during test having many functions, objects and properties. Together execution of all functions, objects and properties making your process slow or not required to execute all, only single function is required to execute during test.