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The XYZ Affair (1797-1800)

President Zuma has since lost government office and faces corruption and money laundering charges. His successor, President Ramaphosa, vowed to clean up the country, however, many officials from the previous administration remain in power. Sometimes dirty money can lead to filthy cities. The company — which had a monopoly since the s — was forced to close an overflowing landfill which was used for 12 years longer than scheduled.

Lacking the infrastructure to dispose of the garbage elsewhere, the company let the rubbish bags pile up.

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How did a single company monopolise a key public service? Lebanon also has a culture of patronage, where government contracts are often won through political connections and bribes. The surprising re-election of FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, who presided over a culture of impunity, exposed just how much football exists in a parallel universe without accountability.

It is easy to understand why public trust in FIFA fell to an all-time low.

Old Celebrity Scandals The Media Would Freak Over Today

In , Transparency International and Forza Football, a football fan opinion platform with more than 3 million subscribers, completed a survey of 25, fans from over 50 countries to find out what they thought. Myanmar is a tragic example of how rich natural resources are often exploited by the corrupt while causing social and environmental disasters that affect ordinary people.

In , a report revealed that corrupt military officials, drug lords and their cronies, had been illegally exploiting jade mines in northern Myanmar and smuggling the stones to China. At the same time, areas rich in jade have been shaken by armed conflicts, while aggressive exploitation has led to environmental damages and mining accidents that have cost hundreds of lives.

#25. Jimmy Carter

Despite efforts of the Myanmar governments to reign in the illicit jade business, mining still poses a serious risk to the environment and the people living in the region. Approximately 90 per cent of crimes in Guatemala go unpunished, so taking action against impunity should be a priority.

The Eaton Affair (1829-1831)

In , thanks to the efforts of the CICIG, the former president of Guatemala was forced to resign because of a corruption investigation that ultimately led to his conviction. Since then, the commission has been investigating dozens of high-level corruption cases and enjoys strong popular support. Over the past years, the president has been leading a fight against anti-corruption efforts in Guatemala, ignoring rulings of the Guatemalan Constitutional Court.

In a real-life version of House of Cards, Turkey found itself embroiled in a massive corruption scandal in Turkish police officers raided several homes, including two belonging to the families of the ruling Turkish elite. Zarrab was reportedly involved in a money laundering scheme as part of a strategy to take advantage of a loophole in US-led sanctions on Iran.

Some governments make genuine efforts to improve their human rights records and strengthen democracy. Others may try to clean up their reputation by bribing foreign politicians. An independent PACE investigation found several delegates engaged in corrupt and unethical behavior, resulting in sanctions for these individuals.

Transparency International Germany also recently filed a criminal complaint against German MPs who allegedly took bribes. Danske Bank is under investigation for this and other money laundering scandals, and was forced to shut its branch that handled the dirty money. In , a major investigation exposed a vast, secret parallel financial universe based on a huge leak of documents from the Bermuda-based elite legal firm, Appleby.

Dubbed the Paradise Papers, the investigation shed light on the widespread use of secretive tax havens by politicians, royals, oligarchs and fraudsters. The Paradise Papers shows how corporations use these havens to reduce their taxes drastically, and in some cases, commit crimes. For example, offshore secrecy put the commodities giant, Glencore, in a position to bribe the former president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, while it negotiated for mining licenses.

The leak helped expose this and other criminal investigations, accelerated EU action against tax havens and inspired citizens around the world to demand an end to the paradise havens that make life difficult for ordinary citizens. This case has it all: dirty money, foreign bribery, illicit financing of political parties, criminal networks, fraudulent business executives, crooked politicians and a system of corruption embedded so deeply within Brazilian politics and business that exposing one piece started a chain reaction.

The case extends across at least 12 countries in Latin America and Africa, more than politicians and business people convicted in its wake, including one president, and indirectly, two successors. And the allegations keep coming. When opening accounts in European banks — such as now-defunct Ukio bankas in Lithuania, Raiffeisen in Austria and Commerzbank in Germany — the real owners hid behind the paperwork of unwitting Armenian seasonal workers. As a result, Russian oligarchs and politicians secretly acquired shares in state-owned companies, bought real estate both in Russia and abroad, purchased luxury yachts and hired music superstars for private parties.

In early June , almost thirty years after peaceful protests led to the fall of communism in former Czechoslovakia, people in Prague, Czechia, took to the streets again.

Huge Scandals That Rocked The History Channel

Thanks to Slovakian law and some good detective work from TI Czech Republic, the EU recently ruled that Agrofert must repay the money it took from taxpayers over the past two years. For any press enquiries please contact press transparency. Is there still hope for the fight against corruption in Honduras? A group of men, dressed in black, faces covered by balaclavas, with no identifying numbers and heavily armed, burst into his home in a working-class district of the Venezuelan capital demanding to know the whereabouts of his brother. This is an important contribution to the monitoring of corruption in the country.

Globally, approximately countries have right to information laws. On International Right to Know Day, citizens are speaking out around the world to demand greater accountability from government. But are most people even aware of their right to request information in the first place?

For the first time, the GCB highlights data on sexual extortion, or sextortion, one of the most significant forms of gendered corruption. The Global Corruption Barometer - Latin America and the Caribbean reveals a worrying lack of political integrity, especially around electoral processes. La For the majority of people living in rural Nepal, getting access to good medical facilities is difficult. And it is also not easy to lodge complaints about poor health services at government hospitals.

Here is how we have helped. This story is part of Real Lives, Real Stories, a series written by staff from our national chapters in the Asia Pacific region.

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Netflix's new series based on the Lava Jato case, The Mechanism, was just released on their platform so we put together a list of the best 5 Netflix series that showcase the different faces of corruption. Check them out! Everyone knows House of Cards as the Netflix show about corruption, but over the last few years, the popular streaming service has…. Global Corruption Barometer Explore the results of the largest ever public opinion survey on corruption. Anti-corruption glossary See our simple, animated definitions of types of corruption and the ways to challenge it.

Read more… Fighting impunity in Guatemala Embed from Getty Images Approximately 90 per cent of crimes in Guatemala go unpunished, so taking action against impunity should be a priority.

The biggest scandals to ever hit the History Channel

Support Transparency International Support Us. Right to information: a tool for people power Globally, approximately countries have right to information laws. Political integrity lacking in Latin America and the Caribbean, especially around elections The Global Corruption Barometer - Latin America and the Caribbean reveals a worrying lack of political integrity, especially around electoral processes. Not only did it force President Richard Nixon to resign from office, becoming the only President in American history to do so, but the adoption of the suffix —gate to suggest the existence of a scandal has now become part of the English language.

Five men were caught going through files and attempting to plant listening devices. Facing certain impeachment, Tricky Dicky stepped down, declaring to the American people, 'I have always tried to do what is best for the nation. During the early s, President Ronald Reagan faced two major dilemmas - the militant group known as Hezbollah had taken American hostages in Lebanon and a new revolutionary communist government had just been established in Nicaragua, Central America. His administration devised a plan to kill two birds with one stone - sell arms to Iran in the hope that the terrorists would release the hostages, then funnel a portion of the profits from those arms sales to provide military support to the Contras, the anti-communist rebels in Nicaragua.

Whilst, in theory, the plan sounded good, in practice, it was completely illegal. There was also a U. In a later televised address to the nation, he would go back on that promise and admit to the illegal trade. Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North of the National Security Council then came forward and admitted to diverting some of the funds from the arms sales to support the Contras.

Congressional hearings followed but none resulted in convictions. Addressing the nation once more, Reagan denied knowing the full extent of his administration's actions but took full responsibility for them. Yet somehow Reagan survived Iran-Contra his reputation intact and in many regards, the scandal has now been somewhat relegated to the history books.

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