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This book will help readers to understand how certain biological syst. Inhaltsangaben Understanding Proteins as Digital Widgets. Simon Sheather. A Modern Approach to Regression with R. Information This book focuses on tools and techniques for building regression models using real-world data and assessing their validity. A key theme throughout the book is that it makes sense to base inferences or conclusions only on valid models.

Plots are show. Inhaltsangaben Simple Linear Regression. A Natural Introduction to Probability Theory.

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Information According to Leo Breiman , probability theory has a right and a left hand. The combination of these two aspects makes probability theory on.

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Inhaltsangaben Experiments. A Primer for Undergraduate Research. Information This highly readable book aims to ease the many challenges of starting undergraduate research. It accomplishes this by presenting a diverse series of self-contained, accessible articles which include specific open problems and prepare the reader to t. Peterson, A.

Sidney I. A Probability Path. This textbook is geared towards beginning graduate students from a variety of dis. Inhaltsangaben 1 Sets and Events. David E. A Richer Picture of Mathematics. Information Historian David E. With topics ranging from ancient Greek mathematics to modern relativistic c. Herbert Edelsbrunner. Seiten IX, p. Information This monograph presents a short course in computational geometry and topology. In the first part the book covers Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulations, then it presents the theory of alpha complexes which play a crucial role in biology.

The ce. Inhaltsangaben Roots of Geometry and Topology. Samir Adly.

1.5 Solving Stochastic Differential Equations

A Variational Approach to Nonsmooth Dynamics. Information This brief examines mathematical models in nonsmooth mechanics and nonregular electrical circuits, including evolution variational inequalities, complementarity systems, differential inclusions, second-order dynamics, Lur'e systems and Moreau's sweep. Inhaltsangaben 1 Mathematical Background. Pierre Antoine Grillet. Abstract Algebra. Inhaltsangaben Groups. Joachim Gwinner; Ernst Peter Stephan. Advanced Boundary Element Methods. Information This book is devoted to the mathematical analysis of the numerical solution of boundary integral equations treating boundary value, transmission and contact problems arising in elasticity, acoustic and electromagnetic scattering.

It serves as the mat. Inhaltsangaben 1 Introduction. James J.

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Advanced Calculus. Information A half-century ago, advanced calculus was a well-de? The classic texts of Taylor [19], Buck [1], Widder [21], and Kaplan [9], for example, show some of the ways it was approached. Inhaltsangaben Starting Points. Steven Roman. Advanced Linear Algebra. Information For the third edition, the author has added a new chapter on associative algebras that includes the well known characterizations of the finite-dimensional division algebras over the real field a theorem of Frobenius and over a finite field Wedderb.

Inhaltsangaben Basic Linear Algebra. Joseph Apaloo; Bruno Viscolani. Advances in Dynamic and Mean Field Games. Information This contributed volume considers recent advances in dynamic games and their applications, based on presentations given at the 17th Symposium of the International Society of Dynamic Games, held July , , in Urbino, Italy.

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Written by experts i. David Joyner; Caroline Grant Melles. Adventures in Graph Theory. Seiten XXVI, p. Information This textbook acts as a pathway to higher mathematics by seeking and illuminating the connections between graph theory and diverse fields of mathematics, such as calculus on manifolds, group theory, algebraic curves, Fourier analysis, cryptography an. Inhaltsangaben Graphs. Marcel Danesi. Seiten XIII, p. Information This book looks at classic puzzles from the perspective of their structures and what they tell us about the brain. Inhaltsangaben 1.

Puzzles and Mathematics. An Archetype Theory of Puzzles.


Puzzles and Discovery. Puzzles and Spatial Reasoning. The Mathematical Mind. Seiten p. Seiten VIII, p.

Stochastic Differential Inclusions and Applications

Modules et anneaux semi-simples. Structure des modules de longueur finie. Modules simples. Modules semi-simples. Seiten IV, p.

Seiten VI, p. Inhaltsangaben Modules plats.