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Our food is highly digestible and suitable for both healthy cats and those with sensitive skin and digestion. Powered by Burns Hall of Fame Rise of the Office Dog! Meet Olly the Crufts sensation Albums with dogs on the cover Our training experts answer. At Burns, we operate an open-door policy towards pets and have a permanent resident, Sylvester the stray cat. He certainly chose the right door to knock on all those years ago. As we enter September, many of our staff are in-training for the Cardiff HalfMarathon and Ironman challenge.

The new school term also means that our Burns By Your Side reading dog teams will be scampering back to class. Follow us: Instagram. Marketing burnspet.

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Make like the pupparazzi and send in your best animal snaps to be featured in the Burns hall of fame. He is a very ac all tive Pug and a much loved member of the family! With my 4 m onth old daughter gro wing up so fast, they becoming the best of are friends. In the last bs. For a chance to be featured in the next issue, send in your pawfect snaps to: marketing burnspet. Send us a private message or publish your pet on our Facebook page. Tasty and good for us, fibre is a very important part of the human diet- it lowers our cholestorol, keeps our digestive system ticking over nicely and can even help our heart to stay strong and healthy.

But what about our canine chums? Should you be exercising the same philosophy with your dog? Over to our nutritionists As with humans, the function of dietary fibre for dogs is primarily to maintain the health of the gastrointestinal system. Chomping on foods high in fibre can aid the prevention of certain diseases such as diabetes, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome and colitis. Fibre facilitates smooth bowel movements and helps to prevent constipation.

Porridge made with water is a great snack for hungry dogs! So, how much fibre should you feed your pooch? Fibre can be classed as both soluble and insoluble, both types are important and affect the health and function of the gastrointestinal tract. Feeding a high fibre diet to a diabetic dog can help control the swings in blood sugar which minimises the peaks and troughs in blood glucose levels that accompany the disease. High fibre food for weight loss Does your paunchy pug or bulky beagle need to shed the puppy fat?

High fibre dog food is their friend. Fibre increases bulk in the diet and promotes a feeling of fullness without adding calories. This provides the dog with a satisfying meal whilst consuming fewer calories. A bulkier stool can help to empty the anal glands and may benefit dogs with recurrent anal gland issues. In our experience, a high quality lower fibre diet should help prevent the glands filling up but for those dogs that need further help a higher fibre diet is worth considering. Brown Rice As well as having tonnes of other health benefits, brown rice is high in fibre making it a great ingredient to use in dog foods.

High Fibre Dog Food for Diarrhoea In cases of unpleasant diarrhoea, fibre will absorb moisture and along with its binding and gelling properties, it is a good aid the treatment of diarrhoea. Broccoli, sprouts, cabbage and carrots are all brimming with gold dust health benefits to dogs, and are high in fibre. Would your dog benefit from a change to one of our higher fibre foods? We invite you to contact our nutritionists via Live Chat on our website: www.

This issue sees Veterinary Surgeon, John Burns, offer perspective on bothersome pet characteristics and point the finger at malnutrition. I have drawn up a list of some of the most common conditions.

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Holistic nutrition benefits the entire system. All of these undesirable traits, bad habits or whatever you wish to call them, are different manifestations of an unhealthy system, both physical and mental. The body is perfectly capable of making its own adjustments to maximise its own health potential.

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Correct lifestyle choices, of which nutrition is the most important, allow the system to make changes. Many dogs moult continuously and owners assume that this is normal, caused by central heating and so on. In fact, part of the vacuum cleaner industry is devoted to developing products specifically to deal with the problem. When I ask pet owners if they have any. When it happens continuously, it means that the system is overloaded with waste matter usually caused by malnutrition.

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Most commonly seen in small breeds, this is not simply a cosmetic issue, nor is it caused by narrow or blocked tear ducts. Holistic health is a form of medicine which considers the individual as a whole, physically and psychologically, rather than just the diseased part. She was given some free of charge expired antibiotics, to give her something to do and, lo and behold the tear staining stopped!

The vet thought this was so funny but looking at this now through the retroscope, I see how that could happen. We are all familiar with large breeds trailing great strings of thick saliva, some even wear a bib! The anecdote is high-quality food fed sparingly. Given this, it should clear up. All of the characteristics listed so far are tell-tale signs that the body is trying to purge excess waste matter from the system.

The next two are slightly different in that they are also discharges, but they are caused, not so much by discharge of waste but rather a discharge of energy. Energy comes from food so the cause is overeating, especially high-energy, dense foods- usually meat or refined carbohydrate.

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Remember that fat contains three times as much energy as protein and carbohydrate. Commonly thought to be caused by a lack of bulky stools but not so. The anal glands are acting as an auxiliary waste storage and disposal system. In traditional medicine this would be interpreted as discharge via the acupuncture meridians. This is similar to children biting and chewing the fingernails and nail beds, but with them it is more likely to be caused by eating lots of sugar. Bad Breath or unpleasant body odour Either of these point to signs of general ill-health and possibly secondary bacterial overgrowth in gut and skin.

Dry, scaly skin or greasy coat Not caused by a lack of oil or anything in the diet. Both characteristics are actually signs of excess waste which is being discharged. Barking and yapping These are caused by an imbalance between the amount of energy going into the system from food of course, especially fat and protein, and the amount of energy the system burns during normal metabolism and exercise. A lower energy intake combined with increased exercise can restore a balance and the dog will become calmer.

Is poo-eating just a bad habit as some believe or is it a deficiency? Is the dog hungry? Yet another theory is that there are undigested nutrients in the poo which attracts the dog. Does poo eating have a physical or a psychological origin? As I mentioned earlier, in holistic medicine the physical and the mental are interconnected anyway.

Likewise, in traditional medicine where there is a particular affinity between brain and intestine.

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The condition is definitely responsive to diet, not just type of food but also to the quantity given each day. It only takes 20 minutes to read but it took me 20 years to gather the information. They can provide bespoke and tailored free advice as well as literature and Burns food samples. As a pet food business, we operate an open door policy for dogs and wanted to find out whether other industries follow suit. So, we did our research and found a goldmine of dog-friendly businesses ranging from jewellers to horticulturists.

In fact, according to new research by recruitment company Reed. Find out what the businesses we interviewed had to say about sharing an office with their best friend….

How does having Lotti around improve your working day? Does your dog have any funny habits or mannerisms? How does having Isla around improve your working day?