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Thanks for such well researched thoughts. I gasped in horror to hear anything bad whispered about SRD's Covenant series. But you pitched a good argument and I Personally, I think the name "Lord Foul" plus the epithets like Despiser, Render et al achieves multiple goals did he mean to do this? Each developed a title for "him" that fits their own experience.

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So it's efficient world-building from that angle. Bad guys, like good guys, don't often refer to themselves in the third person we had to wait for the NBA to be invented for that to happen. To have only a name which is a quality suggests an evil version of "I Am Who Am", something Biblical and deeply rooted.

And ancient, because it's been translated into "Common". Nobody's running in fear from a villain named Herman Taylorson. Great thoughts!

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Full disclosure- my villains are a liche named Wolga Vrule and an Earth Demon they all have short names called Kog. Thanks for your thoughts! And of course, I was being deliberately unfair. But it has its high points, and in its own way is as different from Tolkien as it resembled him. I like that you know all Earth Demons have short names. It figures! Tyrants living in oversized, drafty buildings in the midst of a wasteland?

They wouldn't have to be teenagers, unless you see Mao, Ceausescu and fellow despots as perpetual teenagers. Stephen Donaldson has confessed he's no good at making up names. I agree with you about Lord Foul, and in his heart of hearts he might too, I suspect. He solved the problem in his own lame way in the final sequence of Covenant novels by having a superpowerful spirit of destruction referred to as She Who Must Not Be Named. Needless to say, the way this is bandied about by the characters makes it just what it claims not to be: a name.

Perhaps there's a handy idea for parents who can't agree on a decent name for their child: She Who Cannot Be Named.

World Crafting: The Anatomy of a Dark Lord (and other Archvillains)

I too mispronounced Sauron when I first read the book, but the Appendices put me right long before Peter Jackson came along. My own minor problem with the name is that, as a lover of puns, I have allowed myself recently to play with the entirely baseless idea that Ronald Tolkien was writing about a bad-tempered alter ego, Sour Ron. We might chuckle to note that Tolkien and Donaldson effectively and coincidentally came up with the same name for their Dark Lords.

According to Tolkien's s "Etymologies" not published until the s , Sauron derives from a Quenya "high-elven" word meaning "foul, evil-smelling, putrid". But Tolkien's wins for sonorousness and other factors including the eye-pun on [dino-]saur. And Sauron's name fits him well as an embodiment of the physical corruption and waste that Tolkien encountered on the Somme.

Thankyou, John, for this! I confess I never made it to the later Covenant books, and how interesting that SHE comes up yet again.

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With regard to Ceausescu and co. I have to agree; I mentioned to my husband in the course of writing this, that if you want to know what a real Dark Lord looks like, today's prime example would be Kim Jong Un. The thought of Dark Lords as teenage boys made me giggle. I hadn't realised that real world tyrants actually have lived in horrible places, but being human they would rightly fear assassins; Sauron wouldn't. It's the difference between a Dark Lord and a simple tyrant.

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Although Sauron has been defeated in the past and really can't afford to set up a nice house in the Shire or Gondor. I must admit I'm not much good at names, myself the villain of my one novel to date is mostly just called the Baron. But Rowling is as careful of her names as Dickens. Voldemort means either "flight from death" or "steal from death", both appropriate for a man who wants to be immortal. Thanks for this post; it made me smile on my way to work.

In the Cold and the Dark. It is the Earth year ; Professor Kay Vogel has arrived at the north pole It is the Earth year ; Professor Kay Vogel has arrived at the north pole of Mars on a very important assignment. Her mission, geotechnical drilling deep into Mars, a project that is key to the success of the ongoing Into Darkness. What does it take to become human again? An action-packed science fiction thriller set on a An action-packed science fiction thriller set on a deep space mining colony gone dark. In a future world of warring AIs, company agent Marley - half-human, half-machine - agrees to a mission to bring A survey of the letters of St.

Paul except Hebrews.

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This is a thought by This is a thought by thought explanation as opposed to verse by verse or paragraph at a time. Hopefully, the study will be very helpful in living out God's word Marino Faliero. Marino Faliero es una tragedia escrita por Lord Byron. Faliero era miembro destacado la aristocracia Faliero era miembro destacado la aristocracia veneciana en el siglo XIV. Misunderstood, Over Looked, and Under Estimated. A self-help book that has spiritual truth from the word of God to support the Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

Get Known if you don't have an account. Ryouga : You were tossing and turning for a while, I was beginning to worry Ryouga: "That's so like you, Ranma. Always thinking about martial arts like it's only about speed And now I've come right back to where I started. Lao Shihong : We'd have fought for this 'Metallia' creature ourselves if she'd come to us first, and we'd have fought for her loyally.

Just as we'll fight loyally for you, until we've fulfilled our contract. Hotaru : No. You don't understand the situation you've put yourselves in. Because it's just as your leader said. There isn't anyone else around for miles. Tanizaki : And I will not allow myself to dance on anyone else's strings.

I want him dead.

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Tofu : Yes, well Ranma and his associates are not really the most Jadeite : It's not as though a mere cat could do much to disrupt their plans herself. Ranma : It's just I was thinking about if this actually was the end. You and me. In a cafeteria. Inquisitor : We also investigated his listed address, the Hibiki family home.

Supposedly, the sole Hibiki family home. It was empty.

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According to our scans no one had been there in months, and only briefly at that. Inquisitor : And an expertly hidden one at that.