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Bruno is funny, unpredictable, clever and with an indomitable primal survival instinct.

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Under the garb of an outsider, he rants against everything that is wrong in the human world but yet lured by the luxuries of human life, yearns to forever make it his own, even vainly wanting and getting a nose job done. In parts the story meanders into immaterial descriptions of events and characters that become tedious but are rescued by the craftsmanship of the writer.

The issues addressed lack some imagination. In the end, a mutant chimp seems more competent than the human beings in the novel to endure in the man-made world. There are implications, which have the potency to be deemed as controversial.

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His desire to be human, to share a life with Lydia,spurs his evolution. It is not just atrick of agreement. It is not a process of painting symbols over the faces ofthe raw materials of the cosmos.

A being acquires language to carve out its ownconsciousness, its own active and reactive existence. A being screams becauseit is in pain, and it acquires language to communicate. Email us at BN-Review barnesandnoble.

From to , he was a columnist and feature writer for the Greenwich Time and Stamford Advocate newspapers in Connecticut. Email: cdavidmartin yahoo.

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