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Using that money, she ventures from city to city capturing life on film. My Serena- Gustav and Serena have a draw to each other. He's almost forty but she has stirred something within him he's not ready to walk away from. He offers her a contract of sorts.

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He will showcase her portfolio in his gallery but she is to be "his" until the last picture is sold Serena has no problem accepting. This is a huge opportunity for her career growth and being with Gustav is NOT a hardship. She's been with one man her entire life and it was mediocre at best. The title of the book is related to a silver bracelet he gives her at the beginning of their contracted period. When they are together Gustav attaches a silver chain to it and links them together. A sign of their commitment. No Master, slave etc. She's "his" during this contracted period and there's a bit of BDSM but it's more erotic than hardcore.

What I loved about this book- -The writing style is very eloquent, almost poetic. It makes most books I've read seem elementary.

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As a college graduate, there's multiple words even I was unfamiliar with. It's clearly based in the UK and there's a fair amount of British-isms that I was clueless to their meaning. She can definitely put you in the scene where you feel the emotions of this extremely torn man.

The Silver Chain

What I didn't love about the book- -Some parts seemed almost too wordy and drawn out for me. This is a book I couldn't read with a lot of distractions. It's written beautifully but sometimes I almost got lost in the translation of what her point was trying to be portrayed. Some of the lags in the storyline, parts that I wished had some "happenings" were so boring, I almost gave up entirely. I'm very happy I held on as all the "stuff" adds up to a strong development of who Gustav is and why he's the guarded character he portrays. Cliffy alert- Although the book ends on a HFN note, something happens at the very end that's completely unexpected.

It's not the worst cliffhanger but it'll set you up to anxiously await the sequel to the book, named The Golden Locket.

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View all 21 comments. Jun 24, Mei added it Shelves: contemporary , netgalley. I strated reading even if I knew it was not a book for me, because I received it through Netgalley and I feel that it was fair to give it at least a try. Unfortunately, my feeling was confirmed - this book is not for me! I don't like a submissive-dominating relationship and here it was the case, so it just irked me more and more and I just couldn't go on.

I would like to thank Harper Collins for giving me the book, even if I didn't liked it! View all 14 comments. I say semi-open ended because it is a trilogy and we know going in that the relationship will not be fully developed in the first - or likely second - book. Cover: Bound by passion, she was powerless to resist. My Review: I wish I could be more excited about this trilogy but honestly, it just seems like more of what the market is being inundated with. In the end, it took me a couple months of picking it up and putting it down before I finished.

And sadly, this story, in my opinion, was not. There was, and is, a lot of potential here. My thanks to HarperCollins UK for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. View all 9 comments.

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Dec 30, Duchess Nicole added it Shelves: arc-for-review , arc-net-galley , read-in , z-no-bueno , dnf. No rating. I honestly think this is just not what I'm in the mood for. The plot is somewhat scattered at first, and it takes a long time to understand each and every scene set up. Example: the beginning scene is of this girl at a train station, but instead of just explaining why she's at a train station, she describes in lengthy detail her surroundings, her state of mind, her physical well being, and then explains what happened last night, a little about her childhood, and then you're back DNF.

Example: the beginning scene is of this girl at a train station, but instead of just explaining why she's at a train station, she describes in lengthy detail her surroundings, her state of mind, her physical well being, and then explains what happened last night, a little about her childhood, and then you're back at the train station for more descriptions.

First person present tense I can take first person, but add in present tense, and it's very hard to be an observer of the story. I'd much rather observe than try to relate to a narrator that I don't know or like. It's like you're forced to be someone, whether you want to or not. Each time there is some dialogue, it takes forever to actually read an entire conversation. Someone will say something, and the narration starts up to explain what the girl thinks about that or how she feels, something about her surroundings, etc.

Two paragraphs later, she replies, and the same thing happens. Really, it was a very tedious book to read, but I think more so for readers of romance.

Books Kinokuniya: The Silver Chain (Unbreakable Trilogy) / Bond, Primula ()

Most of us tend to want action and movement, a lot of dialogue and intricate characterization, which wasn't in this book up to the point that I gave up. Copy provided by the publisher for review View all 11 comments. Jul 16, Stacie rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction , smut , , netgalley-read.

Oh silly silly book. Let me summarize it for you while re-enacting the story. Serena: I am an inexperienced photographer who has only slept with 1 guy at the ripe old age of Gustav: I am creepy vampire-esque man who waits for women outside my house. Serena: You must have sex with me.

Gustav: You must have a drink with me.