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Our dad used to take my brother and me to every horror film that came out, and this one ruined both of us. Neither does my brother. We convinced our elderly babysitter to let us stay up and watch it—and then spent the night crying and frightened out of our wits. Identity with John Cusack, Amanda Peet. I like the psychological twist in it.

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Also, was kinda good another John Cusack. The whole Puppet Master series. They get campy, but definitely nightmare territory. The original Phantasm is a classic. Hulu has a whole section on Horror. Are they scarier than our horror? Tucker and Dale Vs Evil. Its a horror comedy staring the brilliantly funny Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine. Apparently I have a great fear of becoming possessed.

Vicky recently posted Buy, buy, buy. Crazyhead on Netflix. More super fun than scary, and a series, not a movie only one season.


British demon-fighting twentysomethings. Japanese man auditions girls to be his girlfriend. With subtitles. Japanese horror rules. The Omen. Scariest movie ever made.

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Oct Amuck amuck amuck. The People Under The Stairs. Trilogy of Terror scared the pants off me as a kid. I thought it was only me until I read recently how much it terrified others. I just want to say I love you Jenny for posting this. I am taking care of my husband who had multiple surgeries yesterday-UPPP, sepotoplasty, and a paploma removal in the back of his throat. This post is going to be good fun for the hubs and I to refer to while he recovers for the next few weeks.

Thank you!!! Also, I recently found The ritual lately on Netflix and it is pretty good! After all the horror the last song will make you laugh out loud! We just did on Netflix or maybe Hulu? Ooh ooh, The Orphanage. Spanish psychological horror movie with an absolutely soul-shaking ending. Ok, I had never seen Burnt Offerings before but that was creepy and campy!

The Witch was frightening! I am marred for life!

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HAs anyone mentioned Psycho? Ooh, ooh, and the Chuckie films? Barbara Steele and lesbian zombies? The plot centers on Laura, who returns to her childhood home, an orphanage. Bayona asked his long-time friend, director Guillermo del Toro, to help produce the film and to double its budget and filming time. The film opened at the Cannes Film Festival on May 20, , where it received a standing ovation lasting more than 10 minutes. It received critical acclaim from audiences in its native Spain, winning seven Goya awards. The Houses October Built.

This is a super low budget Netflix Horror film. It started as an actual documentary about the scariest haunted houses in the country. Friends go on a trip to explore them.

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Part way through production of this movie the creators of paranormal activity reached out to them and with this collaboration it became a fictional movie with real footage and some factual information about all of these haunted houses. Thats exactly what makes it scary. The element of like how much of this movie is real and how many of these people are real creepy people. Author finds his recurring nightmares coming to life. The Devils.

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Both are hard to find, though. They Look Like People on Netflix is a psychological horror film that really stayed with me while watching. Anything with Vincent Price. Would you rather Is on Netflix. Adding another vote for The Others, which I saw in an early comment. I was so excited to see the very first comment recommended Happy Birthday to Me! One of my all time favorites!

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My brother and I always loved The Pit and the Pendulum. Hi Jenny! I love this blog, because I also have severe anxiety and yet I obsessively watch movies about demons, which scare the shit out of me. It pulls me out of my own obsessive worrying about my life and provides a real platform to express those feelings in a healthy way. So, so good. Halloween is my fav of all time. I also liked night of the comet, binge watch the paranormal activity movies in order.

If you like Zombies go check out the walking dead walkers team for the heart walk in Austin. We walk as zombies….. I recently watched the movie Annihilation.

I wasnt a big fan of the book, but I thought the movie was great! Not a movie…but a freaking awesome take on horror and crafts. Addams Family movies are my faves, also Zombieland, basically anything directed by Tim Burton. Event Horizon. Saw it almost 20 years ago and am getting goosebumps thinking about it for the first time again.

They have free streaming films — an odd mix of things really. I seriously screamed at the previews in the theater. Definitely go see that. Otherwise, The Purge is just about my favorite series of all time in this genre. Also, The Strangers scared the bejesus out of me. I lived outside of town when I watched it at home and it was pitch black outside.

I was terrified to look at the window after dark for a long time or I still might be who knows. Also The Conjuring was super creepy and ditto on not yet watching the sequel. And then basically any slasher film will win my heart. Nothing makes me happier then a crazed maniac stalking unsuspecting people.

And zombies. Oh zombies. I guess maybe you can tell by the length of this post if you are even still reading that horror is my fav fav fav genre of movies. And Girl with all the Gifts! Great book — the movie was very well done. I got it on Redbox, possibly available on Netflix… A totally different take on the zombie apocalypse….

The Korean film based on and titled Hansel and Gretel is beautiful and disturbing, and I will forever stan the Alien and Resident Evil houses for kick-arse women heroes. It was great!!!