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There's so much oppoertunity for silly voices and fun acting that it would be a sure fire hit with them. In summary this is a lot of fun for kids young and old alike. If you're looking for an enjoyable read for your youngsters in the summer holidays then this is for you. No comments:.

MR Splendiferous and the Troublesome Trolls

Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. He has captured and is studying a troll when Rufus and his classmates go on a school trip to the science park. I think it's fair to say that this book isn't aimed at me, but that doesn't matter as it's a lot of fun to read. The story is straight forward and full of humour.

It's not only humour that appeals to young children, but grown up ones like me :- You also learn important facts about trolls, for example little girls taste better than little boys. So if you're ever attacked by a troll, as long as you can run faster than a neaby little girl you'll be fine. As well as being an entertaining story the illustrations deserve a mention.

In the Swedish dub a closely related language , Shrek is a "swamp troll". In the fourth movie , a troll is seen briefly, being mistaken for Shrek. They're slightly taller and bulkier than ogres. Or at least, that particular one was anyway. This is interesting because the tie-in video games had already brought in trolls as a type of enemy.

Troll Mix Vol. 8 Happy Krew Year

Of course, they looked completely different. A Troll in Central Park had a friendly troll who was tiny with big ears, a tail that ends in a tuft of fur, and a literal " Green Thumb " that could make plants grow.

The Troll Trap (Smelly Trolls : Book 1) by Rosen Trevithick (2 star ratings)

He's the only troll that looked and acted like this in the movie though, and all the other trolls are ugly human-sized flower-hating monsters with warts, large thick tails, and a thumb that turns objects into stone. The title characters of Dreamworks Animation 's Trolls are small, colorful, cheery Ugly Cute beings, deliberately designed after the Troll dolls. Films — Live-Action.

In Absentia trolls are huge insect creatures which live beneath tunnels and bridges. They abduct humans who enter their territory and trap them in their dimension. It's possible to barter with them, though you'll have to figure out the rules on your own , but it's ill-advised as it also attracts their attention to those around you.

The troll in Cat's Eye is a vicious, small creature who emerges out of children's bedroom walls to kill them by stealing their breath. While intelligent, it can't talk, but does have humanlike clothing and a small knife for defense. In Ernest Scared Stupid , Ernest faces off against a troll named Trantor who his ancestor Phineas Worrell sealed under a great oak tree long ago.

Trantor was big and ugly and liked to go after children, who he turned into little wooden dolls which gave him his power and who could use the voice of anyone he turned into a doll. He could only be stopped by "the heart of a child and a mother's care," which turned out to be unconditional love and At least some of them aren't trolls, but the one creature explicitly identified as a troll was spindly-limbed and hairless, casting a glamour to make her look like an old human woman. She also eats cats which our cat-loving half-demon protagonist takes some serious issue with and is terrified of canaries.

The Troll "series" of films. Troll : The troll in this movie is the villain of the film. It's a small, ugly, hairy creature that used to be an elf. He turns people into mythological creatures and causes other mischief. The trolls in the infamous Troll 2 aren't trolls at all, but goblins. There are no trolls whatsoever in the movie, and it has nothing to do with the original.

As if to prove a point or something, there are two different films called Troll 3 and a Troll 4 , and not a one of the sequels has anything to do with the original Troll film. Truly, All Troll s are different. The Norwegian film The Troll Hunter shows off this trope like a peacock displaying his feathers.

Let's see, you've got a very large three-headed forest troll, a big aquatic brutish troll that lives under a bridge and has a taste for small woolly hoofed mammals, a whole pack of large furry cave trolls, and a colossal mountain troll who looks like what would happen if Clover was romantically involved with Gaius.

All of them react badly to sunlight or, more specifically, UV radiation and can smell Christians. Trolls in Willow are smelly, vicious apelike brutes who hate Nelwyns. The Lord of the Rings : Trolls are about 12 feet tall, with thick, doughy physiques and brutish faces with widely set eyes and very flat noses. They are extremely stupid and violent.

In The Fellowship of the Ring , the cave troll fought by the Fellowship in Moria is a somewhat pitiful figure; Word of God is that it was being forced to fight by the goblins, and its club has to be chained to a collar around its neck, as it might otherwise lose it. The Return of the King features far more fearsome Mordor trolls who wear heavy armor and wield great war hammers, and Aragorn's last foe is an elite Olog-hai, a relatively intelligent troll who wields a sword with some dexterity.

In the Age of Fire series, trolls are large, bulbous creatures that walk more on their hands than their feet, have sensory nodes instead of heads, and both eat and excrete from the same orifice. Oh, and it's implied that they're aliens brought along by an Ancient Astronaut. And then there's the hybrid creatures created in the last book by Infamnia and Rayg breeding regular trolls for decades on meals of dragon blood and flesh, giving them dragon attributes, like wings and horns. Trolls in Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl series are mindless subterranean predators with retractable talons, venomous tusks, dreadlocks, and horns.

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And they are big. In John Ajvide Lindqvist's short story The Border , trolls look like unusually ugly humans, have a great sense of smell, and steal human babies and replace them with their own. A few trolls appear in Brian Froud 's books, such as Faeries. He mentions that the friendly, furry species of troll is sometimes called a "Trow" the Shetland word for trolls - right after explaining that human names for the various kinds of Faery creatures are arbitrary.

Indeed, there doesn't seem to be a set "rule" for what creature gets to be called a troll or a goblin or so on. His book, Trolls , expands upon them.

The First Trollogy (Smelly Trolls 1-3)

They're described as a mostly peaceful race of extreme omnivores all those stories about them being brutes stem from encounters with bad trolls who like eat people and other trolls whose culture has a fascination with storytelling. Appearance wise, they tend to vary-ranging from the shape of the nose, to skin pigmentation, to number of heads -but a common feature is a long tail that they tie trinkets to, each one telling a different tale: pieces of wood represent passionate love stories, feathers, quirky comedies, stones, fables with hard lessons, and bones, sorrowful tragedies.

Very rarely a born troll maidens, who resemble beautiful human woman, save for some unique quirk-pointy ears, tails, brambles growing from their backs, etc. They are cherished among trolls for their mortality- while a troll maiden will outlast most humans , comparing her lifetime to a regular troll is like comparing a wild flower to a tree.

Although not called a troll, the short, squat, neanderthallic Moss Man who raises Peter and plays the role of Sink-or-Swim Mentor also fits.


Terry Pratchett 's Discworld : Trolls on the Discworld are made of rock, with silicon brains and diamond teeth. This helps explain their natural rivalry with dwarfs: if you're a race made up entirely of miners , and you see a nice sleepy rock with diamonds in it, you're going to take a swing, right?

Terry Pratchett actually uses the silicon brains to explain the "stone in sunlight" element listed above: as the temperature rises, a troll's brain can't work so well, so they practically go comatose in daylight in some regions. The opposite is also true in that trolls get smarter in cold weather; this is taken to its natural conclusion when the troll Detritus nearly comes up with a Grand Unified Theory when stuck in a magic meat locker.

Trolls also act as a version of computer-driven robots — they can only properly count in binary, have thought processes running on silicon brain-chips, and can overheat, causing them to shut down. The book Thud! Other trolls say of him, "Mr Shine, him diamond ," which is true; Mr.

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Shine is a rare troll composed entirely of diamond. Since diamond trolls can regulate their body temperature by reflecting heat, Mr. Shine's brain works far better than regular trolls', even in high temperatures. As a diamond troll, Mr. Shine is the rightful king of the trolls, but isn't interested in ruling; rather he invests his energies into his efforts to bring about peace between trolls and dwarfs. Other gemstone trolls also exist, and their composition may likewise entail high status among their kind.

In Snuff , the viceroy of Mr. Shine, now the new Diamond King, is of black ruby.

There's also the Gargoyles, which seem to be some sort of city-adapted troll, though a variant that's recently adapted to eat organic food such as pigeons. Earlier generations of gargoyles had to live off what they could filter-feed from the water in the gutters, which is why they'd spout water.