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And secondly, that these creatures that ironically attach to coral can inflict a serious sting that causes burning and a raised rash.

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According to the Thai National Parks, beaked sea snakes are responsible for more than 50 percent of all sea snake bites. Each bite contains anywhere from 7. Stargazers have a tendency to burrow under the sand, making them hard to see and, therefore, avoid. Generally about 13 inches in diameter, the crown-of-thorns starfish is larger and much more dangerous than its benign, literally washed-up relatives on the seashore. This coral-loving creature is covered in poisonous spines that cause intense, immediate pain lasting for up to three hours.

Straight out of the stuff of nightmares, the candiru feeds on blood and has been found feeding on the urethras of swimmers. Once it penetrates, it can cause inflammation, hemorrhage, and in severe cases, death. All Rights Reserved. Open side menu button.

Smarter Living. Building-sized jellyfish? No thanks! The largest coral atoll complexes occur in the Maldive-Lakshadweep ecoregion of the central Indian Ocean and in Micronesia. Swordfish and marlin are the fastest fish in the ocean reaching speeds up to kph in quick bursts; bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus may reach sustained speeds up to 90 kph.

Blue whales are the largest animals on our planet ever exceeding the size of the greatest known dinosaurs and have hearts the size of small cars. Oarfish Regalecus glesne , are the longest bony fish in the world. They have a snakelike body sporting a magnificent red fin and can grow up to 17 m in length! They have a distinctive horse-like face and blue gills, and are thought to account for many sea-serpent sightings.

Many fish can change sex during the course of their lives. Others, especially rare deep-sea fish, have both male and female sex organs.

Ocean facts! | National Geographic Kids

One study of a deep-sea community revealed species from more than families and a dozen phyla in an area about half the size of a tennis court. More than half of these were new to science. Life began in the ocean 3. Land dwellers appeared approximately million years ago, relatively recently in geologic time.

Because the architecture and chemistry of coral is so similar to human bone, coral has been used to replace bone grafts in helping human bone to heal quickly and cleanly. Post it in the comments below! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The truth about Britain's sharks: does danger lurk in our waters?

Did you know…? The top ten feet of the ocean holds as much heat as the entire atmosphere. Subscribe for MarineBio Updates Sign up to stay up-to-date on MarineBio's latest news about marine life, conservation and science. We promise not to spam you.

Most DANGEROUS Sea Creatures!

If the venom comes in contact with human skin, it might result in a highly painful wound and even paralysis. Fire corals are colonial marine organisms that are more closely related to Hydra and other hydrozoans than to true corals. These corals are distributed widely in the tropical and subtropical waters of the world. They grow on rocks and coral in the form of brush-like growths. Accidental contact of divers with these corals is common. If the divers are stung by the corals, it causes intense pain that can last for two weeks.

Stonefishes are fishes of the family Synanceiidae. These fishes are quite dangerous to humans as they have the ability to remain well camouflaged in their habitat.

Take a deep breath and join us as we dive to the depths of the sea…

They are also venomous in nature. The spines on the back of these fish are powerful enough to be able to penetrate through a rubber soled shoe and their venom might prove fatal to humans. For example, the fish of the Synanceia genus have potent neurotoxins that are secreted from glands located at the base of the dorsal fin spines of the fish.

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  • The gray, mottled color of the fish allows it to easily blend with the stones on the sea floor. The venom is potentially lethal and triggers excruciating pain in the victim. Application of heat to the stung area and application of antivenom in extreme cases might be needed. Stonefish stings can also happen on the beach since these fish are known to survive for about 24 hours without water and thus might remain hidden in the boulders at the beach. The Portuguese man o' war Physalia physalis is a marine creature that appears like a jellyfish but is not one. The organism is a marine hydrozoan that is actually a colonial organism where several polyps remain attached to each other and are unable to survive alone.

    The creature has tentacles that are venomous in nature and can deliver a painful sting that might also prove fatal. Stingrays are cartilaginous fish that belong to the suborder Myliobatoidei a nd are classified into eight families. Most stingrays are armored with one or more barbed stingers on the tail that aids the stingrays in self-defence. The stingers are about 13 inches in length.

    Box Jellyfish

    The undersides of the stingers possess two grooves with venom glands. The stingers are covered by the integumentary sheath where the venom remains concentrated. When humans come uncomfortably close to stingrays, the latter might inflict severe wounds on the human using its stingers as an exhibit of self-defence. Saltwater crocodiles are the largest crocodilians in the world and can attain lengths of up to 23 feet and weigh as much as 2, pounds.

    Despite their massive size, the crocs can easily remain hidden and strike when their prey comes dangerously close to them, taking the prey by complete shock, and allowing little time for the prey to escape their deadly jaws.

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    A large number of human fatalities also happen each year due to attacks by saltwater crocodiles on humans. The tiger shark is a large macropredator found in many tropical and temperate seas across the world. The shark is noted for having the widest prey base among all shark species.